Plastics News Reprints

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Was your company featured in a Plastics News Article or listing? If so, let Plastics News Reprints help you create professionally designed reproductions of your press coverage.  

Benefits of Reprints

  • Offers a unique opportunity to co-brand your company with a reputable news source
  • Help emphasize your PR efforts
  • Strengthens your press kits
  • Excellent recruitment and retention pieces
  • Digital reprints improve your company's news webpage and drive traffic to your site
  • Boost the morale within your company

Back issues/single copy sales:

Back issues of Plastics News may be purchased by contacting our customer service department at (877) 320-1723 or (313) 446-0450 outside of the U.S.A.  Single copies are available for $5 per copy; Ranking issues $19.95; Special issues $39.95; Market Data Book $79.95.

Newspaper reprints:

Reprints of Plastics News editorial content may be obtained for your promotional or reference needs. Premium high quality reproductions on 80 lb. glossy paper that are designed to meet your specific marketing needs. Can be used for client mailings, reception area reading and for inclusion in press kits. For more information contact Lauren Melesio below.

E-Prints (Digital Reprints):

Maximize your exposure and drive traffic to your website with -eprints. Receive a PDF of your feature that can be used for Web posting and electronic distribution. All e-prints are sold as time-based licenses. We also offer NXTbooks, with special additions such as tracking and analytical data, custom links or the incorporation of flash or video (pricing varies, call for more information).

Plaques and Framed Awards:

Celebrate your accomplishments with a plaque or framed award. Immortalize your company's rankings or a personal profile in your office or home. There are many finishes to match your décor.

Event Photos:

Order a copy of a professional photo that was taken at one of our events to preserve your memories. Each photo in the event gallery will be available for purchase. 

Reprint Management Services

Custom Reprints

Hard Copy Reprints, Eprints, Plaques and Permissions

Lauren Melesio

Reprint Sales Manager

Direct: 212-210-0707 / Fax: 866-596-9216

685 Third Avenue, 9th Floor / NYC 10017